Trigeminal Neuralgia Combination Treatment

If you have trigeminal neuralgia, it can be a miserable existence. There may be intense pain in your face, and it may feel like you are being shocked, from time to time. This disorder is sometimes caused by swelling or pressure from a growth or tumor. However, there are many cases that do not appear to have a physical cause. Many people are in search of a treatment for this type of neuralgia that can give them relief. Fortunately, homeopathic medicine may hold the answer.
Homeopathic care is an alternative medical therapy that seeks to treat the cause and not symptoms of disorders. For example, modern traditional care for facial nerve pain is to provide pain medication or anti inflammatory medication. This is aimed to relieve the pain, yet the pain is only a symptom and not the root cause. Not only that, one can become dependent upon pain medications, and this only serves to compound the problem.
When you have homeopathic care, this is based around using something similar to the disease or afflictions which can then often be treated with something that is similar to the problem. For example, if you take a solution that produces identical symptoms as your disorder, it can be an important tool for treatment.
Homeopathy care teaches that many kinds of illness and diseases are brought on by a disturbance in life or vital force. Life force is believed to be the basic energy that flows through the body of living creatures. This force can exert a strong influence on body functions. Yet, it is basically ignored by Western medicine.
A homeopathic remedy can be thought of as a diluted or watered down version of a substance. Remedies are created by a process known as potentization. During the process, a substance like coffee can be diluted and the water still keeps the memory of coffee. This is believed to be effective because your body is 70 percent water.
When you drink a coffee remedy your body responds quite differently that you might expect. Drinking the remedy can bring about the effects of coffee and caffeine, which should serve to keep you awake. Yet, the body compensates in a manner that actually makes you sleepy.

Homeopathy can be effective in severe cases of trigeminal neuralgia.Using a combination of homeopathy and traditional medicine can lead to and effective permanent remedy for facial pain and some kits can be purchased online though it is better to put yourself in the hand of a skilled pracitioner.

Traditional medicine treats the symptoms of pain, not the causes and using a combination of those and something like homeopathy which is directed at the cause not the symptoms of the pain can be a useful combination and the chances of a full recovery are greatly enhanced.

Causes Of Black Hairy Tongue

Hairy tongue is a condition where you observe  peeling of the threadlike papillae on your tongue. This condition is commonly referred to as black hairy tongue; however, it is not always black in color. It could appear in brown, pink, white or green and this depends on the specific reason for this appearance and also other factors like use of breath mints, color mouthwashes, candies etc.
This disorder occurs in 8.3% of children and 57% of young adults living in United States.  This appears more often in men than women. Persons, who use tobacco, drink coffee and tea heavily, HIV patients and persons using intravenous drugs are also susceptible for getting hairy tongue.

Symptoms Of Black Hairy Tongue

The symptoms of black hairy tongue are as follows:
Bad breath/ halitosis
Choking sensation in certain persons
Tongue discoloration – tongue appears black, yellow or brown in color
Tongue appearance – furry or hairy
Taste – mouth has an altered or metallic
Since this condition causes no harm and temporary you need not seek medical help unless you are perturbed by the visual appearance or this condition persists for a longer period.

Causes Of Black Hairy Tongue

The surface of your tongue contains a large of number of small, finger-like projections called papillae and your taste buds are located among these bumps. The growth of papillae occurs continuously and at the same time there will be wearing out of top layers of your tongue. In certain people this wearing  out of the cells does not occur thereby displaying elongated papillae.
The elongated papillae trap normal debris, bacteria and other organisms and as the bacteria multiply it produces a dark black, yellow or brown area on your tongue. The elongated papillae with this  black color look hairy or furry. This condition is neither an infection nor a cancer and this can be compared to a moss growing on a rock. This condition normally does not occur on people who are healthy.
Hairy tongue occurs because of the hypertrophy of filiform papillae on the upper surface of the tongue; the reason for this is the lack of mechanical stimulation as well as debridement. People with poor oral hygiene – insufficient tooth brushing, diet with soft food without any roughage are likely to be affected by this. If the food contains roughage it could mechanically abrade the upper surface of the tongue.
The reason for developing black hairy tongue can not be easily determined. However the following are the causes that trigger development of this condition.
Breathing through your mouth
Diabetics with uncontrolled glucose level
Heavy smoking / tobacco use
Heavy drinking of coffee and tea
Persons getting chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment for neck and head cancer
Poor oral hygiene
Taking certain antibiotics that changes the bacteria balance in your mouth
Using mouthwashes containing oxidizing agents regularly read more

Bad Breath Home Remedies

Bad breath can hang around way past its ‘use by date’ and turn into something very annoying, if not a full on affliction. It leaks into every part of your life including your professional life and deep into your social and personal lives.

Most people won’t come right out and tell you that you have smelly breath. Firstly, it’s embarrassing to talk about something so personal and secondly it’s easier to talk about it behind your back.

Yes, it’s embarrassing for all involved. But what exactly is chronic bad breath or halitosis? read more

Menopause Migraines

Menopause has its unique issues, and one of them is a menopause migraine. That’s a bad headache that pulses painfully. It’s recognizable as such because it’s frequently felt on only one side of the head and in combination with other things like nausea and severe sensitivity to light and sound.
Almost ten percent of Americans have periodic migraine headaches lasting from several hours to several days. The longer they last, the more suffering a person goes through and the more side effects are likely to occur. Women complain of them more than men, but even young people and children can be prone to migraines.

Menopause Headaches And Migraines

Menopause migraines are a particularly sad surprise if a woman has never had such headaches before. Why they begin is something of a mystery. It used to be thought that blood vessels were dilating at this time of life. Now no one is quite sure and there’s speculation about hereditary factors and about the interaction of such chemicals as seratonin with the nerves. Much research is still being done.
There are in effect two types of migraines. The first starts with an “aura.” Now this may sound pleasant and mysterious when talking about the energy fields of the body, but it’s not in this case. Here it refers to the visual problems a person will undergo just before the migraine hits. She might see lights or lose vision or have hallucinations. If there are none of these visual signs, then the person is suffering from the second of two types of menopause migraines.
Those who are prone to menopause migraines must work out a pretty clear balancing act. They can’t lose too much sleep, but they can’t sleep too much, either. They can’t overeat certain foods, such as cheese, but they can’t get too hungry, either. Exercise is often good, but too much exercise isn’t and can trigger something. Stress must be avoided as much as possible. These people must be vigilant in knowing their body’s needs and in taking care to meet these needs or there may be a sudden onset of pain and the other associated symptoms. Keeping a journal of what activities preceded a migraine can help the person see a pattern and avoid certain behaviors or combinations of behaviors that could be triggers.
Since roughly 17 percent of women have these, as opposed to 6 percent of men, it’s presumed that hormones play a big part throughout the life of women and certainly with menopausal migraines. The ebb and flow of estrogen that happens when a woman takes contraceptive pills or when she is pregnant or when she enters menopause does seem to have something to do with these occurrences. Thank goodness there’s a lot of research being done on menopause migraines these days, as women’s health issues have taken the forefront.
Still, there’s no overall consensus on what helps a particular person. Sometimes over the counter drugs will do the job and just taking acetaminophen is the way to go, but if the migraines are particularly frequent or horribly painful, it’s best to go to the doctor and have a medication prescribed. No one should rest until various methods of relief have been tried and the right one for that person is found.

What Is Turmeric

You have probably heard a lot of fuss about natural ingredients and how they can help you to better health.
You have probably also heard of some of these natural ingredients being super powerful in their medicinal properties.
While some people refuse to believe that these claims are true, I am here to tell you that I know from experience that some natural ingredients are going to make a huge difference in your health. Some of you may ask what is turmeric and why do you need it.

Some Of You May Ask What Is Turmeric And Why Do You Need It.

The ancients in India have used this herb for centuries in Ayurvedic natural medical practices. This herb comes from a scrubby bush that is native to India and can provide some health benefits that are astonishing.
It is one of few natural ingredients that has properties to relieve inflammation, fight infection, and help in antioxidant protection as well.
Choosing to include turmeric into your daily nutrient intake is a smart move. You can depend on it for helping to clean up the toxins in your liver.
You can count on it it to relieve the pain of aching joints due to arthritis. You can use it to heal wounds faster and avoid infections. Muscle cramps are no match for turmeric according to those in India that practice natural medicine.
While cooking with this spice will give you some of its benefits, the best way to get it is through a multivitamin that includes turmeric extract in its ingredients. In this way, you can be assured of getting the correct amount and you can get it everyday.
One of the best facts about turmeric is that in cultures that use it often there is a drastically lessened occurrence of cancer.
Studies are being conducted to see what is up with turmeric that may help in the prevention of cancer. It is high in antioxidant powers and this helps in fighting off the free radicals that attack your body everyday.
These free radicals are cancer agents and good sense should tell anyone that if you lessen them and their detrimental effects, then you lessen the chances of cancer and many other life threatening diseases.
Your multivitamin needs to include this herbal extract and a few others as well. Make sure that you see piperine in the ingredients to get the awesome synergistic effects for the curcumin in turmeric.
You should also look for bilberry extract and ginger extract for added extra antioxidant protection in addition to all the benefits from the vitamins and minerals. Knowing what is turmeric and other herbs is information that you need to achieve the best health you can.

Tips To Cope With Depression

Sad and desperate days… We’ve all been there one time or another. Life can be overwhelming sometimes – too many obstacles and problems happening at once. It seems like negative emotions are always lurking around, waiting for that particularly vulnerable moment to strike you down. The sun may be shining outside, but suddenly your mind is a dark cloud preparing for a storm, firing away hard thoughts into your already aching soul – colors fade to grey, the world loses its glow, people turn into deceptive ghosts. Nothing seems to keep you interested or amused anymore. You feel empty, and instincts urge you to run, curl up and hide in a safe and warm place. Don’t! Fight it. The most important thing to remember is that these are just brief moments in time, that won’t last long if only you just accept them as inevitable and deal with them, instead of holding on and make them last wasting precious days or weeks in a state of apathy and self-pity. So, grab that tiny spark of energy you still have and don’t allow it to go any further.

Here are some of my personal tips on how to chase away the blues:
1. Breathe. You don’t even have to stand up for this one. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on the way the air goes in and out of your lungs and refuse anything else. Your body will start relaxing immediately, and if you do this for about 10-20 minutes, your unsettling flow of thoughts will slow down considerably.
2. Contemplate. Now that you feel less agitated reflect on what’s really bothering you and how you can fix it as if you were an outsider looking in. Being objective can help you determine if all the emotions triggered are really worth it.
3. Visualize. Using your imagination, form a mental picture of the perfect day in every detail possible. Stay there and enjoy it for as long as you can. Try to bring those happy feelings into your real world, even if the circumstances are not ideal. Keep smiling.
4. Move. Get up. Find something to do. Your body was built to be active and not to be standing still. Exercise is the best way of regaining vital energy levels. It also helps to release anger and other negative emotions. If going to the gym or doing any kind of sport is just a little too much for you right now, go for a walk around the block, play with your pet, reorganize your wardrobe, clean your house, but do something.
5. Listen. Personally, I can’t live without music. I make my own personal life soundtrack – every situation calls for a different type of song. Get your headphones and pick a theme that agrees with your needs and then sing, scream, dance, jump.
6. Create. The mind needs to loose focus on negative thoughts. I was housebound for 5 months, and I found out that keeping my mind busy was the best thing I could ever do. so, when my body allowed it, I redecorated, I painted walls and varnished floors, I made drawings portraying how I felt, I sewed, I wrote.. Creativity is an ally.
7. Vent. If you keep things bottled up inside, they will rot and make you feel even worse. So, bring them out. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to yourself. Write poems about it. Journal it. Pour your feelings out through words on paper. You’ll feel relieved and lighter on your feet.
8. Connect. Love and support are essential. Reach out to the important people in your life, among family and friends. Nurture them and recognize their significance.
9. Help. Shifting focus from your troubles to others in worse places in life than yourself will put everything in perspective. You’ll realize that you are actually grateful for lots of things and very proud to have made an effort to help someone else.
10. Tomorrow is another day. Acknowledge the blues as a temporary thing. If you face it as a minor inconvenience that will fade after a good night’s sleep, that’s exactly was it’s going to happen. No big deal!
Keep smiling,

Anti Aging Tips

Aging is an inevitable process. However, anti-aging supplements have made it possible for people to slow down the aging process. However, with increase in demand for anti-aging supplements, many companies have emerged each claiming to manufacture healthy aging supplements. However, the harsh truth is that some companies are only interested in making profits as opposed to producing healthy aging supplements.

  1. Consider the Ingredients

When choosing an anti-aging supplement, the first crucial factor that you need to consider is the ingredient that has been used to make the product. Only choose a supplement that have been manufactured using natural ingredients if you want to be on the safe side. Selecting a supplement that has been manufactured using natural ingredients means that the products will give quality results without exposing you to dangerous side effects that are usually associated with anti-aging supplements that have not been made with natural ingredient. If you are not sure on how to check if the ingredient used are natural, don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert.

  1. Purchase from a Well-known Brand.

Another important factor that you need to consider when buying anti-aging supplements is the brand. There are some brands such as Niagen which are known to manufactures good anti-aging supplements and there are others which are known to produce low quality supplements. If you want to be on the safe side, ensure that you buy from a brand that has earned the trust of the public. read more

Yogurt For Health

Most folks are familiar with all of the healthy advantages of yogurt, but actually, we seldom exploit this exceptionally flexible food item. Yes, needless to say, you can consume it together with breakfast and enjoy it that way, but you can put it to use in many other ways too. When I carry out my supermarket shop, I take a look at all the types of yogurt customers are purchasing. So many pick the flavored yogurts, but then their concentration generally stop there, Alas, normally the natural yogurts that are unsweetened are usually on a special offer because they’ve never been purchased, and the delectable Greek yogurts are also never purchased. It’s high time we finally learn about the countless excellent ways we could use yogurt in our cooking.

Fruit yogurt

Generally, all yogurts do naturally have some kind of probiotic content. The more probiotics that we can add to our diet, the better and you’ll find a lot of quick ways to be able to do this. Did you know that you can even utilize fruit yogurt to include in your own desserts? Some kind of yogurts can be quite low when it comes to sugar and have a higher fruit content. Mostly, this actually makes them much sweeter and even much healthier. Another way to make the most of the fruity yogurt is simply to include it in your cake when you bake it.

Through this, you can eliminate some of the sugar content and possibly get a hold of some added health-related rewards out of consuming the cake. Now it is very easy to put in yogurt into your cake. All you have to execute is just to lessen some of the liquids like water and milk and swap them with yogurt. This is generally a very trouble-free way to be able to create a sponge cake that tastes of fruit. As a matter of fact, you could even decrease some of the fat content of the cake. read more

Healthy Aging Techniques

You can help your body and mind remain youthful, sharp and full of energy with natural anti aging tips. We all age at different rates, depending on your lifestyle habits. It is your choice of how you will age your body; healthy choices for healthy aging or you can go the other way. To get you on the right path, try these anti aging tips for longevity.

When it comes to healthy aging how to achieve it? Persistent exercise is one of your best tools for natural anti-aging. There are many ways to exercise your body. Some types are better suited for anti-aging your body. Some ideal exercises are resistance training and stretching.

Yoga is one of the great exercises for strength, toning, and flexibility; especially for your spine. Regular practice helps make your body stronger and more flexible. If your spine is strong and flexible, the many nerves that run through it are better protected. If you keep your spine loosened and flexible, the muscles and ligaments connected to it also have a better chance to stay relaxed. Altogether, it is an all around great exercise to help put off the aging process. read more

Living With Depression: How To Cope Each Day

depression generalMany people feel the pains of depression when they can’t get out of bed each morning or they suffer from constant anxiety. Even if your antidepressant medication is helping, you can’t help but feel like your depression will never end. When getting through each day of your life becomes a challenge, below are some simple things that you can try for relief.

Take small steps each day to give yourself some relief from depression. It’s okay if you don’t feel like getting out of bed, stretching or even making tea. Instead of pushing yourself, make a small sacrifice of doing something like smiling or stretch for a few seconds. You won’t feel the want or need to do any of those things, but it can help your recovery if you take small steps forward.

A small amount of exercise can become beneficial to your mental health as it releases endorphins which help your sense of accomplishment. You certainly don’t need to do any heavy exercising, but a slow walk in the park or a ride on your bicycle, can help you focus on nature for a while. You will feel trapped inside your own mind, but take a few seconds to focus on something like a tree or a flower that is outside of your depressive state. read more